Smart & Efficient   A surprising feature of Piccolo is that it can be powered from any laptop computer (or universal charger) with a USB jack. If you need a little more light and have an unused USB wall charger, you can put it to use powering Piccolo.   The light output will be about 30% greater this way. When powering from your computer, use Piccolo’s clever cord organization to wrap up the excess cord and keep your space organized.  
  Technically Advanced   The body of Piccolo is less than ½” in diameter.  It practically disappears it is so small.  This sets Piccolo apart from all other LED task lighting products.  It would have been much easier to compromise and make Piccolo larger, or less powerful. The necessary development time would have been far less.  But the point of developing Piccolo is to push the limits of what LED lighting can be and help redefine expectations for modern lighting.
  Beautiful Materials & Finishes   The design of Piccolo features quality materials and finishes. Whether it is etched glass, Italian marble or high quality anodized aluminum, Piccolo uses only the best materials available. By engineering the smallest possible structure, we are  able to use these fine materials and still bring Piccolo to you at affordable prices. Great things   do   come in small packages.       
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