Mike Garner, principal of MSG Lighting, is an expert in the development of LED lighting fixtures for general white light illumination. Combining his deep technical understanding of LED sources with his formal training in optical engineering and his innate understanding of mechanical and industrial design, Mike brings to his work a unique set of skills characterized by creative thinking and focused problem solving. more...



Mike is an optical engineer with a specialty in the field of LED illumination and non-imaging optical systems. Utilizing the latest advanced engineering software as well as rapid prototyping techniques, Mike can quickly simulate an optical system and recommend appropriate solutions for any illumination problem.

Optical Design Analysis 
-Non-Imaging optical system design, including light pipe design, reflector design, etc. 
-Analysis and optimization of existing systems for performance improvement and energy enhancement utilizing both Photopia & TracePro raytrace software. more...


With a background in both optical as well as mechanical engineering, Mike is well practiced in the art of rapid development utilizing a wide range of manufacturing processes. An expert user of Pro/Engineer 3D design software, Mike has the skill to carry your product from preliminary design conceptualization to manufacturing release. Mike has been responsible for the design and development for a diverse range of products from consumer electronics, highly tolerant aerospace products, and commercial lighting. more...